With unimaginative town centre venues thrashing it out for custom by peddling the same tried-and-tested commercial fare, specialist black music nights are becoming all the more rare. Happily, there’s a quality a new session kicking off this month in Farnborough by the name of Soundsational that promises to buck the trend.

The night happens at The Cherrywood Lounge in Cherrywood Road, every Friday night from 4th February. Musically, it pledges to fuse 80s classic soul, funk and disco, with R&B classics, soul weekender anthems, and the odd upfront selection. Quality control is assured by the fact that the man behind it is DJ Mr. Jay, who for many years has staged musically impeccable soulful sessions across London and the Home Counties, and shows no signs of slowing down. Black Sheep Mag’s getting in on the act, too; Mark Devlin will be guesting on the 11th February instalment.

For all further details, please click on the flyer for all the relevant info.

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