Spreaker appears to have deleted my entire channel, with hundreds and hundreds of shows stretching back years, without any warning. It’s all gone – the entire archives of Good Vibrations, The Sound of Freedom, The Sound of Now, Magical Mystery Talk, the Truth Trip Soudclash, all radio interviews, all old radio shows, all old DJ club sets, all old DJ mixes. I’m trying to get to the bottom of what’s happened here.

It’s looking like A LOT of work is going to be involved in getting all this material uploaded to an alternative platform. If anyone is willing to volunteer to assist in the process, now might be a good time to give me a shout on markdevlinuk@gmail.com

Working entirely solo with videos and podcasts to produce, a book to complete, and all the pressures of home/ family life, I really needed this!

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  1. Mark—this is devastating yet, sadly, fully expected. You must be doing something very very right. I’m sorry I don’t know how technically to help you, except to cheer you on. What you do is important to many and your sacrifice and caring duly noted. Thank you!

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