Our caring Government, (because they only want to help us all, don’t you know) is desperate to bring in Digital IDs which they’re planning to quietly slip through so they can tie this in with the wider plans for a CBDC and a Chinese-style digital social credit system. Because of their occult belief system, however, and their grudging recognition that they are governed by Natural Law and consequentialism, they always give us the opportunity, however slim, to reject what they propose.

So, we have until 1st March to voice our concerns, and whatever anyone else may think about the futility of engaging with our slavemasters, because of the above-mentioned dynamic, I feel it’s an important thing to do.

A friend has drafted the following template which can be modified by anyone who would like to use it and returned to send a very clear and direct message.

Responses should go here:


Template thus

name :surname
c/o address
Without the UK
Close to [postcode]

25th day of January, AD 2023

I the living man/ woman name :surname notice you and let it be known on record that;
I do not consent to Digital ID
I do not consent to Central Bank Digital Currency
I do not consent to Digital Passports therein embedded vaccine passports, track and trace,
mandatory vaccination, coercion, torture, genocide and terrorism.
I do not consent to filling in this heavily biased online survey form that does not allow me to
express my full opinions/objections to this draconian, tyrannical and evil slave tagging
system. I am no slave, I am a living man/woman
All of the above are designed to remove my God given freedoms and inalienable rights
that no man shall take away.

I require acknowledgement that my notice to you on this matter be placed on record and
included in your survey.
By: _________
name :surname
“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948).
“An equal has no dominion over an equal.”
(Par in parem imperium non habet. – Black’s Law Dictionary 7th Edition page 1673)

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  1. Brilliantly authored Mark.
    Used the template as suggested.
    I personally thank you for all your efforts

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