Back in the game following a YouTube channel ban for posting the Michael O’Bernicia interview. (Was it something we said?)

I give notice of an upcoming show to be titled ‘Q Is A Psy-Op’ as I officially throw in my cards regarding my faith in any kind of ‘Plan.’ And some thoughts and feedback from listeners, and reflections on why – ‘Plan’ or no ‘Plan’ – humanity WILL succeed … eventually.

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  1. Hi Mark
    Really enjoying listening to your podcasts. The way you articulate your thoughts and ideas is superb. You should have your own radio show….
    I’m really looking forward to the forthcoming discussion about Rosemary’s baby. There are so many strands to this story that links John Lennon, Manson, Anton Lavey etc.
    Will you be chatting to Neil Sanders at some point again? Another chap worth interviewing is Michael Shrimpton although he has been very quiet for the last year.
    Great work!
    Steve from Liverpool

    1. Cheers, Steve. The show on Rosemary’s Baby has been on the channel for a couple of days. Hopefully you’ve been able to catch it.

      I have actually done radio for the past 30 years, but it’s all been music-based rather than speech-based shows.

      I wouldn’t rule out chatting to Neil Sanders again at some point. I’m not up on what Michael Shrimpton has been up to lately. The last time I heard him he was blaming all the world’s ills on “the Germans”, like he’d been stuck in a timewarp in 1942!

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