It’s the time of year when the radio stations and shopping malls wheel out the usual tired old offerings from Slade, Wizzard, Shakin’ Stevens et al, and when I wheel out the usual tired old commercial for my book Tales From The Flipside. There’s a bit of blurb below for anyone new to it, (the ideal Christmas present for any aspiring DJ!) and the link to order a copy is right here.


Exploding the myth of the DJ lifestyle.

They say DJs are the new pop stars. It may be true of the elite, the chosen few at the top of the tree. It’s private jets, hotel suites, champagne, fame and fortune all the way. But for every Paul Oakenfold or Fatboy Slim, there are thousands of regular, unfamiliar DJs grafting away, and the reality of their daily situations can be very different!

In this honest, witty, and no-holds-barred expose into the darker side of the nightlife world, Mark Devlin gives an insider’s account of the problems, challenges, and just plain bizarre situations the average ‘league two’ DJ has to face. This is the untold and unseen side of DJ lifestyles, and the truth is often very different to the common perception!

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