Illuminati Music Industry Board Meeting, 1997. A medieval castle somewhere in Bavaria. Bats encircle the towers. Demonic cackling can be heard from the basement.
Scumfuck Executive 1: So that’s settled then. Over the next 15 years we’ll systematically phase out any inspiring, creative, imaginative music from the mainstream, corrupt, recruit or quit funding all real music makers, and instead bring through a new breed of mind-controlled puppets, instructed to make mind-numbing, spirit-crushing music, in stupid squeaky voices, about nothing in particular. Oh, and you know that horrific robotic sound Cher used on ‘Believe In Love?’. We’re going to make that the default sound in hip-hop.
Scumfuck Executive 2: Are you crazy?!  The kids will never fall for that.
Scumfuck Executive 1: Watch….

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