Today is 9th November, “Britain’s 9/11,” so it’s the ideal day to officially launch my new book, ‘The Gift & The Curse.’

This is a “truth fiction” novel, serving as the follow up to ‘The Cause & The Cure.’ It catches up with the main characters from the earlier book, ten years on in 2001. It’s again set in Oxford, against the backdrop of the 9/11 events, but 9th November figures very heavily in the storyline!

It’s available on Amazon from the following link, but if anyone wishes to get a signed copy from me personally, just drop me an e-mail to It’s priced at £10.00 plus P&P.

An audiobook will follow just as soon as I’ve had the chance to record it. There’s also a Kindle-friendly e-book version.

And I plan to offer a few walking tours of Oxford in due course, where we’ll visit many of the locations where the storyline takes place!

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