Things aren’t running as smoothly as the psychopathic abominations behind the Covid hoax might prefer. The cracks are beginning to show, and the longer the shit show gets dragged out – and with a miserable Winter looming – the more people are starting to realise they’re being mugged off. There have been several examples this week of the wheels falling off the Coronabollox bandwagon.

Big news also from the US, with Donald Trump’s apparent disappointing endorsement of the scam by announcing his testing positive for “the virus” … unless this is all calculated subterfuge in preparation for an eventful rest of October??


Save Our Rights UK. Legal action is being rightfully planned against the Metropolitan Police. Appeal for witnesses to the unlawful and unjustified police violence at Trafalgar Square:


MPs served notice of Private Criminal Prosecution for Pandemic Fraud:

Dr Rainer Fulmich. German Corona Investigate Committee. Those responsible must be prosecuted and sued for criminal damages

Corona Fraud – The greatest crime ever committed against humanity

Dr Vernon Coleman: Why I Believe Politicians and Advisors Will Go To Prison:

Good Vibrations Podcast Vol. 165 – David Whitehead – Way of the Truth Warrior 

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