A new episode of consciousness-expanding truth music – THE ONLY place to get such a diverse selection anywhere on-line.

I have to say, while my speech/ information-based podcasts and YouTube videos continue to get major interest and good listening numbers, I remain extremely disappointed with the poor response that The Sound of Freedom receives by comparison. 

I pour my heart and soul into compiling these, (as I do all my work,) and each (completely free-of-charge) episode takes many, many hours of research, preparation, production and promotion. Sadly, this time spent is not being justified by the lacklustre response and poor streaming/ download numbers. Part of the problem is that I cannot upload these to YouTube since, being music-based, their AI algorithims would have each new episode taken down in minutes on ‘copyright’ grounds. 

Either way, it’s perplexing that more interest is not being shown in these one-stop-shop showcases of incredible truth music, as it’s no exaggeration to say that there’s no other show quite like this anywhere on-line. These finely-selected songs articulate everything that critically-minded truthseekers get from spoken-word podcasts/ interviews/ videos, etc, and in many cases. make their points far more effectively, while being rousing and inspiring to listen to at the same time. 

So, if you’ve not previously given TSOF a punt, please do subscribe to the RSS feed which you can access from the following link:

You can also get access to the full archive of 93 shows on my Spreaker page, (at which all my other audio work of the past several years resides, too.)

And if you place value on the show’s output and know of others who would be likely to, please help it reach a wider audience by sharing wherever you can. The show has always been completely free of charge, as my only interest is to offer a platform for these artists and their creative offerings. And God only knows you’ll never hear any of this stuff on mainstream radio or TV stations.

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