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On Monday Parliament debated the issue of vaccine passports in response to the petition which gained 290,000 signatures.

However, the Government has decided as the next step to issue a Call For Evidence. It is a sort of public consultation which anyone can participate in.

The full title is: Open Consultation. COVID Status Certification Review Call For Evidence It is vital that as many people as possible tell the Government why vaccine certificates are a bad idea.

If all the petition signatories did this we would overwhelm their system and we might frighten them into having second thoughts.

The closing date is 11.45pm on 29/3/21 so we have days to do this.

To do this you need to go to the link below and submit your comments.

Please try to get as many people involved as you can as quickly as you can.

You don’t need to write reams just think of some bullet points which matter to you and submit them ASAP If you have any good links to articles about the implications for health freedom and privacy or any other evidence you feel is important then submit it too.

Your opinion matters so speak up. It does not matter that you are an ordinary person, you don’t need any specialist knowledge. This will impact you and your family. Tell them how it will effect you negatively.

Don’t delay.

If we are ever going to be able to get on a plane again without the necessity of being jabbed like a guinea pig with an experimental vaccine which is being shown to have a higher level of harm to it than covid itself and risking our own health as a result, losing sovereignty over our bodies and our rights to make informed decisions which the State respects, being forced to do something which is against common sense, good science and public health and safety we are going to have to fight for it.  Because it won’t stop here – going to the theatre, football match or cinema will also require a passport.  Even shopping – who knows!  To give up our right to basic freedom of movement is a huge thing to hand over willingly.  And there will be no going back.

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  1. I personally see no logic having a covid passport.
    Have the vaccine does not mean you can’t catch covid or pass it on.
    The Covid passports would have no effect at all.

  2. Done: A bit OTT perhaps? Keep going Mark, we are behind you…no…we’re alongside you.


    I am an individual or you could say an academic or researcher.


    Mostly a), b), f), g), h)

    You are going to cause some of the harshest divisions yet but maybe that is the plan?

    You have already divided people by:

    • Christians vs Catholics – Check!
    • Black vs White – Check!
    • Punks vs Rockers – Check!
    • Man Utd vs Man City – Check!
    • North vs South – Check!
    • Tories vs Labour – Check!
    • Brexit vs Remain – Check!
    • Young vs Old (still Brexit) – Check!
    • Mask vs No mask – Check!
    • Vaxx vs “No thanks” – Check!
    • Hugs vs Six feet apart – Check!
    • WOMEN vs MEN – Check!

    Stop this!

    There are far too many variables and unfair situations where many people, millions, are going to be discriminated against and all for:


    By the way, where did the flu go this winter? Don’t tell me it was due to lockdowns, anti-social distancing etc because if it were due to that, Covid would have vanished too. It is more because so many poor bast*rds were too afraid to go to hospital.


    Or maybe the lockdowns DID prevent the flu and the ONLY reason Covid is so prevalent is due to the over-amplifications of the PCR tests? I.e. it doesn’t exist any more? Hmm? What do you think?


    Nothing good can come of this, I don’t know where to begin. It is clear that if you bring this into legislation, there will no doubt be a huge rise in fake certifications…

    This will then allow you to usher in the Quantum Dot Tattoo or “under the skin” ID markers that will hold all our information on. What could possibly go wrong and yes, I saw the TED talks where Mr Gates was showing how this would be done a few years ago (the ID: 2020 website was created in 2015). Don’t insult my intelligence by saying this isn’t a possible part of the plan.

    I am NOT a conspiracy theorist but I AM someone who likes to find the truth behind nefarious agendas. I spent many years data mining, examination and analysis in financial systems and software development and integration.

    I am NOT anti-vax and have had many jabs that have knocked me out for days…particularly when I participated in Enduro Africa in 2010. I AM though, anti THIS vaccination which is still in trials. I am seeing so many stories of not only adverse reactions but also many deaths just hours or days after this jab. Would you like me to show you a few hundred?

    Before you “debunk” me. It is so easy for governments to falsify “deaths due to Covid” as long as the person had a positive (false negative if you are over-amplifying the results) test result up to 28 days of dying…


    OVERAMPLIFYING THE DEATH FIGURES TOO…for scaremongering yes? Make the vaccination seem like a godsend yes? Make the “green passport” an even better idea and “recruit” the sleeping public to vilify people like myself who can see through this sh*t show?

    However, deaths so soon after the jab simply go down as an unfortunate “coincidence”…do me a favour!!!

    My wife recently went through some of the heaviest chemo and radiation therapy for cancer and is scared of adding any “fuel to the fire” inside her body with the vax until it is fully tested. I am also wary of doing the same in case I “shed” any viruses to her.

    Therefore, I will NOT be having this vaccine and there must be millions like me. Some ARE anti vax, some are like my wife who don’t want it due to possible health implications and many others will have their own reasons.

    What the hell are you doing to the people of this country and the world? You will be preventing me and my family from going anywhere!

    The PCR tests are a complete scam.

    It was only when Sleepy Joe Biden told the WHO to start lowering the amplifications on Jan 6th 2021 that…surprise, surprise, the cases started to drop! Until that point, I believe most were being amplified at 35, 40+ which has a 95+% chance of producing a false positive by “finding” OLD protein fragments from historic colds and/or flu’s that the person may have had.


    I also stopped my children having the lateral flow tests…and I won’t have one either.


    If you look on the side of the box you will see the words “Sterile EO” as on the image of the box below.


    If you don’t know what Sterile EO is, it is Ethylene Oxide…you can see more on the website:…/risk/substances/ethylene-oxide

    Here’s an excerpt…

    “It is used primarily to produce other chemicals, including antifreeze. In smaller amounts, ethylene oxide is used as a pesticide and a sterilizing agent.

    The ability of ethylene oxide to damage DNA makes it an effective sterilizing agent but also accounts for its cancer-causing activity.”

    Now, this chemical, albeit in very small quantities, is on the end of every tip of every swab that is going right up to our young children’s blood brain barrier and back of throat. Twice a week.

    Yeah yeah…fact checked!

    In the interests of debate and fairness, all I’ve ever wanted throughout this sh*t show is a fair debate so here is a link to the Reuters “fact check”…ahem:…/mobi…/article/amp/idUSL1N2LO1YM

    Here is their verdict…

    “False. While ethylene oxide is a carcinogen widely used to sterilise medical equipment, the sterilisation process is tightly controlled to ensure any residue left over is negligible – and to ensure medical devices are safe to use.”

    Now…”negligible” may be ok (if true…all people, especially the young, respond differently and individual susceptibilities are also different) in one off exposures.

    Your own personal gene make up and vulnerabilities may make you more prone to cancer. I’ve been tested and don’t carry either Braca 1 or 2 gene mutation just so I know my children may be clear.

    And yes, this can affect men:…/what-does-a-brca-gene…

    What if our kids are being exposed to Ethylene Oxide week in week out for months on end? How will that affect them in years to come? We don’t know.

    Couple that with an impending, non-approved, never-done-before, still-in-trials and experimental gene therapy jab and you may regret it. Maybe not right away…

    Ever since I did my first parachute jump for cancer research in 1987, I’ve wondered why more money and time are not spent on looking into the CAUSE and not so much the treatment for cancer.

    That’s why I’ve researched it so much myself and am even enrolled in a level 5 diploma in cancer prevention.

    End of rant. Don’t do this.

    Think about the Nuremberg trials and how damn close what you are doing is to those and how you are going against our basic human rights.

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