Thoughts during week nine of the (pointless and immeasurably damaging) UK lockdown, including; how the “virus” loves pens; some encouraging survey stats; more contradictions and confusion from the government; has Anthony Fauci been indicted?; what’s going on with the Queen?; a campaign to overturn the UK Coronavirus Emergency Act; positive uplifting music for these times.

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  1. Thanks Mark for a very funny piece – it cheered me up no end! Was thinking a couple of things: if any Royal dies now , there can't be a state funeral (no crowds allowed) and the Act of Parliament that is being used to do all this is the Public Health Act 1984 (ironically), that's the one with provisions to enter people's house etc etc. Had written the Sections down but not at hand at the moment (UK Column would have the info). Anyway, you are a tonic!!

  2. Mark, it's Public Health (Control of disease) Act 1984. Section 45G (2) From Points a) to j) includes a) submit to medical exam, b) removed to hospital, c) detained in a hospital OR OTHER SUITABLE ESTABLISHMENT d)…quarantine/isolation e) disinfected, so on so on until j or h?) abstain working/trading . this is precis of it of course. Cv Act 2020 was appended to this .