Some upcoming events I’ll be taing part in which – amazingly – do actually appear to be happening in coming weeks. 

Sunday 30th August

From 12pm. Guest Speech, Protest Event, Castle Park, Bristol

Saturday 5th September

Presentation, Truth Seekers North East (Private Gathering,) Newcastle

Saturday 19th September

Conscious Music DJ Set, Poetic Justice Discussed In Rhymes, Hoddesdon

Sunday 4th October

Occult Aspects of James Bond Presentation, Holistic Wellbeing, Huddersfield

Friday 18th December

Proof The Coronavirus Situation was Pre-Planned Presentation, Questioning History, Hoddesdon

Saturday 19th December

The Dark Heart of the BBC Presentation, Questioning History, Hoddesdon

Sunday 20th December

Manufacturing The Hippie Dream Presentation, Questioning History, Hoddesdon

Friday 14th – Sunday 16th May 2021

Presentation/ DJ Set, Seed 4 Growth, Baker University Center, ATHENS, USA 

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