A bunch of radio tape rips from back in the day. Many of these have been posted before, and are here again for anyone who may have missed them. They’re interspersed with a handful of new nuggets, too.

Plenty of Mike Allen from Capital Radio in the mid-80s. A particular highlight, meanwhile, is the earliest known recording of Westwood on the London pirate LWR waaaay back in July 1984 – unless anyone has one from even earlier??

Mike Allen Hip Hop/ Electro shows, Capital Radio, London

Mike Allen Best of 1985

Mike Allen Best of 1986

Mike Allen 17_10_86 P1

Mike Allen Capital Radio 17_10_86 P2

Mike Allen Capital Radio 17_10_86 P3


Westwood on LWR, London, mid-80s

Westwood LWR July 1984

Westwood LWR 1985


Jeff Young’s Big Beat, Radio 1, January 1988

Jeff Young 1_1_88 P1

Jeff Young 1_1_88 P2

Jeff Young 1_1_88 P3


The Swing Shift, Galaxy 101, Bristol, mid-90s

DJ Diggz year-end mix 1996

DJ Lynx classic mixes 1996

DJ Lynx year-end mix 1996

Mark Devlin year-end mix 1996

Swing Shift 13_9_96

Swing Shift 14_3_97 (Notorious BIG tribute)

Swing Shift Ragga Selection Jun 97

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