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There are ripples suggesting that the demons are going to attempt a ramping up of the Convid bullshit again, some say in preparation for the return of lockdowns masks, etc. The mass resignations from Boris Johnson’s government may be in connection with this.

IF that happens – and isn’t just more doom-mongering – it will be a real acid test of just what lessons have been learned these past several months and of how the propaganda and fear-based mind control has been faring against the truth.

Plus – the prophetic Georgia Guidestones have come down. What’s that all about?!

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  1. Hi mark, did you see that Jade Goody’s
    Son has just become an actor?
    Guess what date his mother died?
    22 March 2009! Yes that date again mate!
    Especially having listened to you podcast with the occult bloke

    1. I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing. Yes, her death smacked of being a sacrificial ritual. They raised her to become loved by the general public, then devastated them by killing her off.

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