Just as the dark occultists up their game, so too do we on Team Truth. Their efforts to suppress us are only bringing out ever greater levels of creativity and tenacity. That’s why they CANNOT win this war long-term. Despite their creations such as “woke” culture as a social-engineering weapon, they’ve sparked aspects of the human spirit for survival that many of us never even knew we had until now, and what they’ve awoken will lead to their destruction.

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  1. Mark, I really WANT MT3, but am not an Amazon customer. Will anyone else be selling your book (ie book depository or chapters/indigo in Canada)? (Ideally, I would like to buy directly from you but the process of getting you the money to you is difficult/expensive…I tried once before). Thanks!

    1. Hi Cathleen. Yes, it has indeed become very expensive for me to post to the US and Canada. MT3 should be available on Barnes & Noble in due course as an alternative to Amazon. I see it’s not listed there yet, but should be going on soon if you keep an eye open for it.

    2. Mark, on the subject of predictions, I browsed to a site that came up on my blog stats called http://www.miriaf.co.uk. The lady behind it has come up with some excellent resources in the form of letters you can write to employers, the authorities, health departments, etc. to challenge vaccine mandates and more.

      But she’s posted a link to a Facebook post of hers which basically predicted this scam democracy back in 2019. To verify her claim, I tried to find it on the Wayback Machine, but it didn’t work, sadly.

      She’s a great writer and another prediction of hers is that soon, holograms of huge alien space ships will appear over the world’s cities. The predictive programming has already been carried out and we are conditioned to react accordingly. In some ways, I hope she’s got this prediction right as well because it won’t work and it will finally bring the bastards down. See you in Runcorn!

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