Someone in my mailbag section last week suggested a mass co-ordinated meditation for Truth and Freedom, and it got me thinking that I’m probably the best individual to organise this given the large-scale reach I now have.

So I want to suggest that all who feel so inclined, focus their thoughts, intention and will on the restoration of Truth, Freedom and Natural Law Justice, sending out gratitude to the Universe as if it’s already a done deal and has been achieved. I’m told that this is the most effective way to manifest a desired outcome – to imagine it’s already happened. And that, rather than praying for the downfall of the Covid shit show, it’s more effective to focus on a bright and positive future for all – because by definition, a Covid/ NWO freak show cannot exist in such a state.

I want to hijack a neat trick from the sickos – taking something and inverting it. So their favoured number is 666, which they obviously imbue with malevolent and evil intent. That number is available for all of us, who stand for the Light, to use for ourselves, so I’m going to suggest that hundreds of thousands all mediate together on Sunday 6th June at 6pm UK time – 6/6/6! (Others overseas can join in at the appropriate time in their location.)

Let’s make history. Please share far and wide.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    I have a question.
    You are planning your meditation on a 666 date.
    Your intention is visualise a world with love, freedom and prosparity.
    You explain that you think people need to focus on the good, not on the bad.
    Why on earth do you think that this date (666) is helpfull for creating good things.
    Would it not be more powerfull and less tricky to meditatie on a positive day?

    This way you will feed the negitive powers.
    Please do this on a positive day.

    ❤️ Martine

    1. There’s nothing “evil” about 666, and dark occultists do not have the monopoly on numbers.

      Life as we know it is carbon made – humans too. Carbon is made up of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. Hence in our material form we represent 666. Evil has taken over the pure and true meanings of good…turned it upside down. The power of the dark side must be combated with what it hates: love of God Almighty or Source if you wish. Evil hates love for each other, and the unquestionable influence of good intentions of the human mind, body and soul.

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