It’s one year today since I posted my “furious rant” video that really seemed to strike a chord, and introduced a whole new audience to my work. If I’d known then that the madness we were already living in by April 2020 would still be going strong a year later, I’d have lost my mind even more. 

Some of us have known that this whole pantomime is one giant scam right from day one. Not saying that we’re smarter or more special than everyone else. It’s just that, when you’ve been studying the motives and tactics of the sick, psychopathic freaks that like to think of themselves as this world’s “elites”, they do become tediously predictable and transparent in their moves.

It’s so utterly obvious to some of us. But the challenge remains – how to convince the vast majority of this world’s population living in a media-induced mind-control trance, of the fact they’re all being played like a violin?

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