This brilliant precis of how the Scamdemic started, and how it can be ended, has been put together by Adrian Ralph Key. Could be useful in influencing a fence-sitter or a just-starting-to-awaken normie:

I just wanted to make a few points which I think you might find helpful when standing up for your human dignity and freedom and when you are trying to convince others of the dangers we are facing now.

How it all started?

Dr Sakharit Bakhdi and Dr Mohammad Adil have explained that fluid was taken from the lungs of people in China who were suffering from respiratory diseases.  This is no surprise- people have been suffering from respiratory infections for a very long time in places like Wuhan because the air is so toxic!  These excretions contained exosomes which were falsely identified as a new infection and given the name SARS-COV-2.  They were claiming that they had discovered a new deadly virus when they had done no such thing.  This was all co-ordinated and stage-managed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (villains!). In October 2019, just before all this mayhem started, the Gates Foundation in conjunction with the World Economic Forum and the John Hopkins University staged a simulated “pandemic” exercise which involved a novel “coronavirus”.  This is part of what many have rightly called a “plandemic”.  Anthony Fauci (the so-called infectious diseases expert in the USA) predicted that there were would be a major pandemic emergency during the Trump presidency!  How did he know this?  He was involved in the planning of it; that’s how!

Three simple points you need to grasp:

1) The SARS COV 2 virus has never been isolated or purified so it does not exist. The scientifically illiterate mix it up with “coronavirus”.  There isn’t a coronavirus!  There are several coronaviruses. This highlights the scam. If the SARS COV 2 virus had been proven to exist, a causal link would have to be established between the said virus and the symptoms in an infected host. These symptoms would remain the same in every infected host.  But this is rather limiting isn’t it!  The advantage of manufacturing a “virus” is that you can ascribe to it any symptoms and you can even have asymptomatic carriers!  What a load of arrant nonsense.

2)The RTPCR test was not designed as a diagnostic test for infectious disease; indeed, its creator Kary Mullis explicitly stated this. It picks up genetic material which is invisible. In this country this is then put through 45 cycles of amplification. In practice anyone can and does test positive because most of us have this genetic material and harmless bits of dead viruses in our bodies. This fallacious and fraudulent test is used to justify quarantining healthy people and harmful destructive lockdowns. The idea that you can eradicate a virus by shutting an economy and society down is utterly insane.  Of course, when people start taking the toxic so-called vaccine they will be tested again and they will reduce the cycles of amplification which will lead to fewer fake “cases” so that they can fallaciously claim that the vaccine is reducing the number of infections!. The lateral flow test is even less accurate that the PCR!!

3)The falsification of death certificates (a criminal offence). If someone is admitted to hospital for any reason, they are given a PCR test and if it is positive and they subsequently die within the next 28 days from cancer, heart disease, an accident or whatever it is, they are recorded as having died from Covid!  Michael Bernicia who along with a team of lawyers is bringing the private criminal prosecutions against all MP’s, has a solicitor who has witnessed the falsification of death certificates and is prepared to testify. Also, hospitals and doctors receive more money if they record a covid death!  Of course, the hospitals need extra financial resources because most of the other work they were doing has dried up. The excess death rates recorded are accounted for by the fact that people have been dying in greater numbers from all causes at home because they have not been receiving the diagnosis and treatment they need.  I call this genocide!

How can it all end?


1)Stop the PCR tests creating the illusion of a pandemic. The overall death rates this year are slightly lower than the five-year average and are certainly lower than they were last year.  If there was an epidemic, let alone a pandemic, the death rate would have to be significantly higher compared to previous years wouldn’t it?  I am afraid that logic and reason don’t feature in the brain-dead, mask-wearing idiots who are driving this nonsense!

2)More doctors and nurses need to stand up and speak out so that we can end the scandal of the redesignation of deaths from other causes as covid.

3) Once the “fake cases” disappear and the causes of death are recorded accurately, the harmful mass vaccination campaign will wither and die.

In the long term of course the legal cases being pursued in this country by Michael Bernicia and his team of lawyers and the international cases in the USA, Canada and Germany being led by the eminent lawyer, Dr Reiner Fuellmich, will finish the job by bringing all those responsible for these crimes against humanity to justice.

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