The C-word was always designed to be the hors’ d’oeuvres – the softener to get everyone used to having their rights and freedoms taken away based on arbitrary government dictates. We can now know that the main course was always intended to be the cl!*@te ch@*ge agenda through which the psychopaths hope to really get their NWO masterplan completed. The pathetic, cowardly talking heads on mainstream media all parroting the same nonsense that their cue cards written by someone else tell them to is all we need to tell us this.

This will only happen IF there is not significant pushback and resistance, and there are indications of this process really gathering momentum now. It’s become a race against time – will the drooling, zombified masses wake up quick enough and stop complying with the evil, or will the sickos finally get to slam the prison door shut? As ever, the outcome can only be determined by us.

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