25 years ago I put together this partial review of the events of 1991 for Fox FM, the radio station I worked at, very much in the style of my recent ’65 to 69′ project and ‘The Rock N Roll Years’ from back in the day.

It’s incredible how you view everything from a different perspective after a conscious awakening. The dominant story was the first Gulf War, with talk of Iraq’s occupation being ‘justified’ due to Saddam’s ‘aggression’, and blatant MSM fearmongering with phrases like ‘the mother of all battles’ being bandied about. Some sickening moralising from the demons George HW Bush and Margaret Thatcher too, about whose true nature we now understand so much more. Everything was manipulated by the string-pullers behind the scenes, of course, with problem-reaction-solution everywhere, but very few were familiar with the dynamic back in ’91.

There’s a sequence on the release of the Beirut hostages – John McCarthy, Terry Waite and co., the kidnapping of Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev, and Freddie Mercury’s death from AIDS.

And, relevant to Oxford, there’s coverage of the Blackbird Leys riots which hit the headlines in Summer ’91, shocking the rest of the nation into realising that Oxford isn’t all academia and college gowns and that it does actually have its council estates!

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