Musical Truth: Volume 1

To most people, the music industry represents a source of harmless fun and entertainment. Beneath the glossy veneer, however, lies the devastating truth of who really controls these institutions, and the deeply malevolent agendas for which they’re being used.

Musical Truth is the culmination of Mark Devlin’s five years’ of research into the true nature of the industry and its objectives –from dark occult rituals, to mind-controlled artists, and all points in between. The book shows how these agendas fit into the much wider picture of what’s really going on in the world, and – crucially – how the power lies with us to bring it to an end.

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Musical Truth: Volume 2

In his groundbreaking book Musical Truth, DJ-turned author/ researcher Mark Devlin showed how the true nature of the corporate music industry tells a very different story to what’s conveyed on its glossy, glamorous surface.

The manipulations run so deep, however, that the full story couldn’t be told in just that first book. Here, in Volume 2, he continues to guide readers through the dark labyrinth of machinations.

Discover the world of Lifetime Actors and the crucial part they play in social engineering; delve into Heavy Rock, frequently touted as the most ‘satanic’ of all music genres; consider the evidence for the hip-hop scene being a cult-like fraternity on a staggering scale; reflect on the nature of sound itself and the ways it can be used to affect human behaviour; and study the striking parallels between the 1960s counter-culture and the UK’s Acid House scene that kicked off 21 years later, all bearing the hallmarks of Establishment manipulation.

Crucially, Volume 2 reminds readers of how the music industry’s activities form only one small part of what’s really going on in this reality, and how the power to bring it all to an end lies with us and us alone. It always has. We’ve just been programmed to forget.

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Musical Truth: Volume 3

‘Musical Truth Volume 3’ completes club and radio DJ-turned author/ researcher Mark Devlin’s trilogy of books exposing the REAL nature of the corporate music industry and those that populate it.

This volume focuses on the way the entertainment industry’s owned assets were used to help push the official narrative of the “Co(n)vid 19” Scamdemic, (which has been rightly described as “The Greatest Scam Ever Perpetrated Upon Mankind.”) So many beloved musicians showed their true colours in helping to push the lies and bad science which paved the way for the tyranny and human enslavement that was always planned to be applied in its wake.

This dynamic revealed beyond all doubt how the forces that have controlled the music industry for decades are intrinsically linked to those which devised the Scamdemic. There have been only a few honourable exceptions, and these names get a respectful tipping of the hat.

These chapters are punctuated by a new feature – Sound Bites – an array of short stories concerning well-known music-makers which further reinforce the assertions made in previous volumes.

The book ends on an inspirational note, revealing some spiritual and metaphysical truths that have been hidden from humanity for so long, but which, it turns out, a handful of visionary songwriters seem to have cryptically encoded into their songs.

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The Cause & The Cure

1990, Oxford, England, and the respectable facade of the City of Dreaming Spires is being shattered by a series of brutal murders.

Police chief Neil Lowe needs a quick result, especially if it allows him more time in the cafe. Rookie constable May Pearce is left disillusioned by what appears to be an orchestrated cover-up at the highest level; this is not why she joined the force.

Radio reporter Verity Hunter has noticed that the choice of victim suggests a far deeper motive than that of a straight psycho-killer – a particular breed of retribution is at play – and she stumbles upon another aspect of Oxford hidden from view – the world of “elite” secret-societies.

Her boyfriend Keith is on the same page, and his consulting of the direct-talking consciousness guru Max Zeall makes him realise that there are spiritual components dictating the way things are playing out. It’s these very same forces which provide the opportunity to restore justice and balance.

A crime thriller set during a time of great cultural change, (the last days of Thatcherism, the Poll Tax riots, the fall of Communism, the first Gulf War, Acid House and Rave culture,) gets taken to uncharted territories through allegory and metaphor, and the narrative’s interplay with spiritual teachings. As such, The Cause & The Cure can be read on many different levels, according to the reader’s own consciousness.

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The Gift & The Curse

September, 2001. As the world watches agape at the traumatic scenes coming out of the United States, it’s no different for Verity Hunter and Keith Malcolm in the tranquil surroundings of their new life in Cornwall. A call from Max Zeall soon has them summoned back to Oxford, however; it seems fate would not allow them to be away for long.

Galvanised by clues collected by the socially-awkward young genius Danielle, Zeall believes a plot is underway for Oxford to receive its very own terrible event, launched in the wake of 9/11 while anti-Muslim paranoia is at its most extreme.

Unbeknown to them, The Order, Oxford’s all-pervasive secret-society, has regrouped more powerfully than ever, and intends to use the event to secure its stranglehold irreversibly. Verity’s cousin Drew and old friend May complete the team who must combine their disparate skills – while battling plenty of personal demons and ghosts from the past – and work to prevent the disaster.


Mark Devlin’s second allegorical novel catches up with the central characters of ‘The Cause & The Cure’ a decade on. The zeitgeist has shifted, and the cast has had to adapt to changing times with varying degrees of ease.

This story will evoke powerful memories of the epoch-shaping days of September 2001 and everything that followed in their wake.

Once again, the lines between truth and fiction become blurred.

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