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Two years ago this week I posted my now infamous “car rant” video, which struck a chord with so many and really put me on the map. 

I knew Convid was a scam from the very first whisperings of it in the mainstream media, (I’d already seen way too many state-sponsored psy-ops by that point) and only two weeks in to the first lockdown (a prison industry term,) was already sickened by the sheer lack of common sense, dignity and courage being shown by the vast majority. It still dumbfounds and appalls me that so many were prepared to sacrifice their natural rights and freedoms so readily. Even worse that it was all on the basis of the biggest lies ever told to humanity.

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  1. This Rant was way ahead of the times. I was familiar with you work, but when I heard this I was really impressed and Thankful to know someone else saw this the same way.

    My every waking moment is on How to get the Truth out to the masses.

  2. Thank you Mark,

    I’ve shared your video with many people, friends, family and acquaintances and it’s made a huge difference to opening their eyes. Two years on and it still holds the impact albeit with even more truth and I sincerely thank you.
    One day we might be able to sit down, have a chat and drink a pint reflecting on how those who’ve seen through this madness changed the tide for a better future for us all.

    Good on you chap.



  3. I still come back to this vid every now and then. I take my hat off to all the people already awake and aware before 2020 as it must’ve been so frustrating. It took me til then to see through the bullshit of how the world is ran.

    1. Thank you for stating that. I’m gratified to hear it still resonates. And yes, I can confirm that it was frustrating as hell to try and communicate truths about what really goes on in this world in the decade prior to 2020!

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