A timely edition, as Dutch researcher and radio and TV host Johan Oldenkamp guests to discuss the myths, symbology and spiritual science behind the festival we know today as Christmas.
Johan reveals how the event represents a mixed bag of influences from European traditions, primarily anchored in the Winter Solstice. This was a time of worship for the ‘rebirth’ of the Sun, and led to the religious figures of Mithra, Horus, and most recently, Jesus, with the Sun/ Son of God having a double-meaning. The Roman Catholic church brought in Christianity to replace the Pagan traditions, keeping the dates the same to ease the transition. ‘Christmas’ also tied in with the popular Roman festival of Saturnalia. 
Johan points out that ‘Christmas’ literally means the sacrifice of Christ Consciousness, and has come to be a subversion of its original sun-worshipping status, to instead bring in the dark influences of Saturn. This reversal of meanings can be seen in the figure of Father Christmas/ Santa (Satan) Claus – originally a representation of the Sun, but more recently flipped to symbolise aspects of Saturn.
We conclude by discussing the internal, alchemical process of attaining higher consciousness, and its own connections to the Christmas story, and how people can still enjoy the festivities of the season without being fooled into embracing the dark symbolism involved.
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The universal, eternal concepts of Astro-theology and The Holy Science get thoroughly examined this time around, as Mark Devlin is joined by scholar, researcher, radio show host and public speaker Santos Bonacci. 

Santos starts off by recapping on his clash last year with the Australian “legal” system, and reinforces how the entire Establishment is steeped in illusion to deceive us into compliance, rather than drawing its legitimacy from genuine truth. 

We get on to The Holy Science, an area in which Santos has become one of the leading authorities. The principle here is that we are in the universe, and the universe is in us. Humans are fractal expressions of wider creation, and this can be seen in the anatomy of the human body. Santos points out how this can be divided into twelve parts, with each corresponding to one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac. 

He also uncovers the real meaning of the concept of ‘Christ consciousness’ within the human body, and how this has been one of the most suppressed esoteric teachings of all. We reflect on the many religious belief systems and spiritual teachings through the ages, and how they may all be hinting at the same universal truths, dressed up in a multitude of different ways.

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