We kick off 2015 by chatting to Danish journalist and researcher Ole Dammegard about the many false flag hoaxes that the elites have used through the ages to hoist a Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario on the masses. Ole has spent more than 30 years exposing these tactics, his area of expertise being political assassinations. Much of his work has focused on the murder of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme in 1986, and he has demonstrated that many of the names involved are also present in other key assassinations, such as those of the Kennedys, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and John Lennon.

We discuss how the shadow elites prefer to work with just a small number of stooges, for greater control and to reduce risk, and how the same dynamic has been rolled out in the many false flag ‘terror’ incidents of recent years, from the Lee Rigby Woolwich incident to last year’s staged ISIS ‘beheadings’, where a small circle of ‘crisis actors’ are wheeled out time and time again to play different parts. Ole speculates on what could possibly motivate someone to take part knowingly in such monumental deceptions.

Other subjects discussed include the fact that very little in the mainstream news is actually ‘real’ any more, the controllers’ constant need to dupe the public and gain their tacit approval for their manipulations, and the sheer farce of the numbers involved; only a few thousand individuals are controlling the lives of billions of people, with a constant reliance on fear-based mind control to achieve it, and the time that the masses finally realise this is the time that the game is all over. Recent false flags have been so sloppy in their execution, he observes, that they’ve become laughable as vigilant researchers have taken them apart with ease, and this suggests a desperation from knowing that they’re losing their grip. As long as those exposing the lies keep it all up, we can win our freedom.
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