For this edition, Mark Devlin travels to Montenegro to meet with conscious hip-hop artist Disl Automatic. 

Disl recounts his early days growing up in a tough neighbourhood of Chicago, and the inspiration his surroundings provided towards honing his sharp lyrical skills. After a few of the hard knocks that come with the territory, he moved to his parents’ homeland of Montenegro, and in 2010, had a conscious awakening to truth.

At this point, Disl said he realised his rapping skills were the gift that he was obliged to use to help communicate the truths he had come to understand to others, and that finding some way to do this is a responsibility that falls on all who come to raise their awareness in this way.

The conversation covers many topics, including the issue of self-improvement, and the recognition that none of us can expect to be perfect and flawless, in the way we might sometimes feel pressured to be. Flaws are a part of human nature, he observes, and we shouldn’t hate ourselves for having them, just so long as the will is there to constantly work on improvement.

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