A timely instalment for this month, as Charlie Freak returns to GV for a deep, and potentially life-changing conversation about how the occasion of what we now call Christmas is encoded in one of the most heavily hidden of all secrets. 

We discuss the internal alchemical process which occurs in each human once a month, which, if properly understood and harnessed, can lead to true spiritual enlightenment. This process, Charlie maintains, is actually encoded throughout the Bible in layers of allegory; in fact, it’s what the entire book – and many other holy texts from the ancient world – is all about. The stories in the Bible are not to be taken literally, he states; understanding that everything is symbolic can bring us to an authentic relationship with the divine aspect of ourselves. It’s little wonder that few in the world today fully understand this information, given that it’s been systematically hidden from us in a world which thrives on lies and deception through what Charlie incisively refers to as ‘team organised society.’ This podcast is here to put that straight.

There’s nugget after nugget of empowering information and the occasional uncomfortable truth throughout this two-hour chat, in which Charlie is absolutely on fire. I fully encourage all genuine seekers to listen to it in its entirety.

One of the websites that anyone can use to calculate their own days of the chrism experience during the month is here:

Charlie’s YouTube channel is here:

And this is the link to his 150 Most Important Rock Albums book series:

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