Back in the day Westwood’s Radio 1 Saturday show was VERY different to how it sounds now. In the mid-90s, it was home to some of the coolest, most slamming hip hop and street soul known to man.

For me, 1995 was a true golden year of the treasured era. For anyone else who recalls it with fondness – or for anyone curious to know how it used to go down – here’s a bunch of early Westwood Radio 1 gems to download and reminisce to.

First off, a classic show from Feb ’95, packed with the flava:

Westwood 11_2_95 P1 1

Westwood 11_2_95 P2

Here’s the Radio 1 Rap Show’s year-end review of 1995. Three hours of the very hottest joints from that incredible year:

Westwood review of 95 30_12_95 P1

Westwood review of 95 30_12_95 P2

Westwood review of 95. 30_12_95 P3

Here’s the original airing of that much-repeated show when Biggie, Puff Daddy, Craig Mack and the rest of the Bad Boy clique took over the show:

Westwood_ Biggie 17_3_95 P1

Westwood_ Biggie 17_3_95 P2

Westwood’s appearances at Carnival were legendary. Here’s a couple of recordings from that big rig under the Westway. You can just smell the smoke from those open grills. The ’95 session’s guests included The Lost Boyz. In ’96, it was Jeru Tha Damaja:

Westwood Notting Hill Carnival 1995 P1

Westwood Notting Hill Carnival 1995 P2

Westwood Notting Hill Carnival 1995 P3

Westwood Notting Hill Carnival 1996 P1

Westwood Notting Hill Carnival 1996 P2

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  1. hey, i was on the rap show i think around september/october 1995, as i recall it was a week before ol dirty was in the studio with buddah monk or the week after, i counted down the top ten at ten over the phone, i lost the tape many years ago, i would be grateful if you had a copy could you post it up, btw i'm a wee 15 yr old from glasgow at the time!! but it was awesome the shit they sent me, loads of free cd's vinyl and stickers slipmats you name it, they were the best back in the day, and what i miss mot is the rap exchanges with flex and all the guests up there.


  2. Mark

    Again, many thanks for your radio rips. The Westwood throwbacks are truly appreciated old boy

    The link for the 2nd Westwood session with Biggie and the Bad Boy crowd has died sadly, is there a possibility of a re-up of this show?

    Ive never heard this show, ever, and i thought I was thorough. I was at the Hammersmith show with the champagne bein passed round, one helluva show

    Thanks in advance


  3. All the links have died, please repost them, i need those classic hip hop shows !!!