This is my video aimed squarely at “normies” – regular members of society who have never looked at anything other than mainstream media in the past, but who may be starting to question exactly what’s going on in these unprecedented circumstances. 
Getting the numbers, rather than just circulating information among the same limited truther community, is the only thing that’s really going to change anything now. The effectiveness of this process will be what defines the future for worldwide human freedom. We need massive non-compliance with our own slavery, and for this to occur, people need to be made to realise that the official narrative is laden with lies, deception and bad science, and we’re being taken for fools.
Please share far and wide with anyone you think might be open to watching it – especially friends and family members who don’t usually look at this type of information. All of the information can be backed up, and the video text comes with a list of resources for further research. 
I put my heart and soul into this, and it’s without doubt the most important video I’ve ever created. I did it because it needed to be done, and I was as good a candidate to do it as anyone.

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  1. You owe it to yourself to research the facts.. Instead of just accepting The Mainstream Narrative. Great advice! 😁👍

  2. Dear Mark,

    Thank you for your eloquent video on the Covid-19 lockdown. The following link on the webpage of the World Economic Forum provides a terrifying view of the labyrinthine, multi-level infrastructure of the ongoing take-over of the planet – in the graphic form of the Covid-19 virus cell. Clicking on each the 50 outer buttons of the circle and the 7 inner buttons takes you down a rabbit hole hundreds of layers deep:

    This diabolic graphic, obviously created long before the virus outbreak, reveals that "they" see their enterprise as a family of interlinked virus cells like the various Corona virus cells. It is fitting that prince Philip wishes to be reincarnated as an Ebola virus. Your video is a powerful rallying cry for practical resistance, although we are but a small minority. The American Revolution was won by a small minority.

    Best wishes from Sweden,

    Theo Radic