LOVE this from Dean Facey. The question ‘what happened to all the REAL men” is one I and others have asked many times over the past 15 months. It seems a great job of softening-up of the authentic masculine spirit has been achieved through social engineering this past generation, since I don’t feel the architects of Evil could have got away with this Scamdemic shit show in the 70s or 80s – armies of real men WOULD have risen up and put the tyranny down.

Fast forward to 2021, and lines of stocky, beefy men with shaven heads, earrings and tattoos standing obediently in line at Lidl looking like frightened children with their fear muzzles on.

This addresses the issue brilliantly. (The beat from Skeelo’s ‘I Wish’ brings back some memories, too!)

Click here to watch the video. (YouTube doesn’t bring it up in a search to allow it to be embedded – go figure!)

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