You know those signs you get at airports, stating that staff have their rights and will not tolerate any abusive or disruptive behaviour or language from punters? Well, I feel it’s time the DJ community had its own version, and I’d like to suggest the following as a kind of Regulation sheet that every DJ should have the right to post at their booth at the start of their set.

Please feel free to print off and use at your will. Good luck!


If you wish to ask the DJ for a request, please be polite, and be specific in what you want to hear. Comments like ‘can you play something we can dance to?’ ‘Can you play something a bit more funky?’ and ‘what records do you have?’ are meaningless, and distract the DJ unnecessarily from doing his/ her job.

If you don’t have a specific track in mind, please just enjoy the music that the DJ plays.

Please do not ask for more than two records at a time. Long lists keep the DJ from doing what he/ she needs to do.

If you don’t hear your requested track straight away, please be patient. Remember that the DJ needs to cater to everyone in the room. DJs are professionals, and understand their job without requiring further guidance.

Please show the same respect and courtesy to the DJ as you would any other professional going about their job.

Thank you.

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