Observations on the fallout from my recent Charlie Freak/ Q podcast, strategies for countering the ‘second wave’ of the “virus,” and a quick tour of my new workroom.
The new A4 double-sided leaflets on new alternative resources re COVID-19 can be downloaded from here:
Side A:
Side B:
My most recent Charlie Freak & Colleen regarding Q & Donald Trump:
Boss of pub chain Marstons declares war on coronavirus red tape:

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  1. So happy I have found your site, Mark. Found you as a result of the Charlie and Colleen interviews. Also sent you an email yesterday with a question.

    So I am catching up on your material and agree with all you are saying. I have been following Q since day one and the mission is indisputably real and has a worldwide following of millions. Trump posts in the Q forum as Q+.

    Many of those still sleeping will fight to the very end, but we all have to keep going because when the truth comes front and center, so many won't be able to handle it.

    So keep doing what you are doing. There are many more of us who appreciate you and those who do not.

    Here's hoping the shamans are right about the second half of this year.

  2. Hi Mark, I listen to you and read your books because I perceive you as an honest and, as real as one can be, human being, wanting what many of us want, which is truth. I go through similar struggles everyday, albeit I am by no means comparing myself to anyone, and realize that I must remain upbeat which is my responsibility and no one else's. However, when I listen to you in many of your podcasts (particularly your rants), I find them very helpful. The torment of the mind virus seems never ending now and to hear the truth of your experiences come through in such an articulate, thoughtful manner, it does help me to be more positive.