My first ever time having any beef from Facebook, and it just happens to be as a result of my recent conversation with Charlie Freak. Do you think it’s something he said?

What is it they say? if you’re copping the flak, you must be over the target?

The podcast in question is here:


Meanwhile, I’m back on YouTube following my two-week ban and second channel strike for the crime of telling the truth. I’ve now uploaded all videos from the past two weeks here:


Should the worst happen and the channel be taken down altogether, I now have a back-up channel at lbry.tv, which contains all my YouTube uploads of the past 12 years. It’s here – https://lbry.tv/@markdevlintv:e

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  1. Good commentary. The other day I was tipped off about this site and wanted to let you know that I have been gratified, going through your sites posts. I will be subscribing to your blogs feed and will wait for your next post.

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