My talk from the Free Your Mind 3 Conference is now available to view, alongside the other speaker videos, via You can stream it in exchange for a donation. If you’d rather wait til it’s free, however, I’m told it’ll be on the Free Your Mind Youtube channel before too long. It was a truly incredible event, and my flights are already booked for the 2016 gathering!

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  1. I just stumbled upon your 2014 presentation, "The Mind Control manipulations of the illuminati Music Industry" on YouTube. Fascinating, disturbing stuff. I've always considered myself a skeptic and free-thinker and although I'm not well-versed in the imagery and history of illuminati and mind-control techniques they employ, I've suspected that, as of late in the past several years, more and more big name "artists" have sold out. It is sad, to say the least, but also sinister that they are being used as pawns to mislead the general public that consumes their "music." I use quotes around "music," because a lot of it is derivative and formulaic, not to mention insulting to one's intelligence. Thank you for the thorough and thought-provoking presentation. Well prepared and definitely gives one pause!