A theory has existed for the best part of 50 years that Paul McCartney of the Beatles died in a terrible car accident in 1966, and was replaced by an impostor, commonly known as ‘Faul’, who has been playing the role to this day. It’s clear that the individual currently claiming to be ‘Paul McCartney’ is an entirely different man to the biological Paul, and all the evidence bears this out. In fact, many researchers seem to agree that there has been more than one ‘Faul’ over the years. There has never been, however, any concrete, irrefutable evidence that the real Paul died back in ’66 – only a massive array of symbolic pictorial and audio clues placed in Beatles material, and the legend that it spawned.

Ellen Raine is an American citizen researcher who has made full use of the opportunities afforded by the internet. Like so many of us, she became obsessed with trying to solve the McCartney condundrum, and during the course of her research, hit upon a tantalising theory. Her contention is that, while Paul was certainly replaced in 1966, he didn’t die, and – she claims – the proof comes from him making one more later public appearance before fading back into obscurity. While other conspiracy researchers have assumed this individual to be Faul, it is in fact, she claims, the original James Paul McCartney.

In this episode, Ellen walks us through her theory and her evidence, and speculates on what all the clues may really have been hinting at. Crucially, we reflect on the role that the Military Intelligence community must have had in covering this whole affair up, and on the implications this has for the Beatles being assets of the intel services, as many have suspected for so long.

Does the whole ‘Paul Is Dead’ rabbit hole goes even deeper than most of us ever thought before??

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