Listen to “GVP#121 – Matt Landman: Frankenskies” on Spreaker.

This episode we revisit a subject that’s far from new, but for as long as the problem remains, so does the responsibility to continue raising awareness of it, to head off the harm that threatens all of us and our families.

Matt Landman gave up his former life to become a full-time activist against the chemtrail agenda, known by its more official term of geo-engineering. In 2017, he put out his hard-hitting documentary Frankenskies, with a follow-up in the offing.

We discuss several aspects of the films content – some of which will be familiar to seasoned researchers, but some of which most likely won’t. Besides dispelling a few myths and reinforcing a few truisms, we end by considering the responsibility that our generation unfortunately faces in being the only one that can turn this agenda of insanity around in time, IF we can get the required numbers on board.

(Isn’t in interesting, by the way, that shortly after Matt mentioned Bill Gates, whose Microsoft operation owns Skype, the Skype connection distorted and went down and we had to record the second half on another day using Zoom instead?!)

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