Mike Williams, aka Sage of Quay, rejoins me to discuss various aspects of the Paul McCartney replacement, many of which have not been discussed in these contexts before.

We begin by analysing aspects of last year’s ‘Nine after 9-09’ edition of ‘The Memoirs of Billy Shears’, purportedly part of the disclosure process coming out of the McCartney/ Beatles camp. We consider how this information is being given as part of the tenet of Revelation of the Method – giving those with the eyes to see the opportunity to know what has been right in front of our noses these past few decades, but with enough plausible deniability attached to placate the “profane masses” who will prefer to write this all off as just another “conspiracy theory.”

Along the way, we discuss dark occult aspects of the Beatles, and evidence of their ties to military-intelligence mind-control and social-engineering programmes – the only circumstances in which a stunt of this magnitude could have been successfully pulled off.

The footage to my recent talk on the McCartney conspiracy in London, alongside Dr. Nick Kollerstrom, can be viewed here:

All of Mike’s work can be accessed from his hub site at :

Joe Atwill’s dissection of the true meaning of the lyrics to The Beatles’ ‘I Am The Walrus’, can be read here:

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