Charlie Freak and Colleen return for another mammoth three-hour episode, outlining further revelations about what they say has REALLY been going on under the cover of the ‘coronavirus.’ 
Charlie presents a chronological timeline of Donald Trump’s major achievements since 2017, most of which has gone unreported in the mainstream, and ties this in with current activities as part of the Q Plan, and the major happenings and revelations yet to come. 
While the world has been fitting face masks and obsessively washing their hands with sanitiser, he says, epoch-defining things have been going on in the background, and only a few have noticed.

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  1. Awesome interview! So much great information.

    How can we donate to Charlie Freak to help with the animals?

  2. Great information, leaves doubts in my mind though, when they talk about flat earth, that is a real psy op.

  3. Well I have to say, that was pretty excellent over all. I don't know how you came by all the good(y) information but my heart said "yes" this sounds correct and fills in a lot of holes that I had in my understanding.

  4. It was the most explanatory video I have listened to. I want to share, but it seems to indicate a Part 2? I have not been able to find Part 2. Also, it speaks of Julian Assange and shows a picture of him next to an uncle of President Trump. President Trump's uncle and Julian Assange look enough alike to be identical twins. During this showing of the picture the video narrator speaks of the "family" and how we will learn more, but we didn't. Can you fill me in on these two questions?