Danny Rampling is one of the most recognisable names in dance music, credited with having been a pioneer of the UK’s Acid House movement in the late 1980s, and having played on the international club and festival circuit ever since. He is also one of the most interesting DJs to hear speak, getting into subject areas that others don’t touch.

Tragically, Danny is one of only a pathetically few recognisable names in the dance music field who are speaking out about government tyranny and over-reach, and the unlawful assault on our natural rights and freedoms. This has particularly affected the nightlife and clubbing sector as part of a systematic War on Joy.

We discuss why so many of his peers are just going along with the injustice and staying silent or – worse still – endorsing the official narrative by excessive virtue-signalling.

We also get into Danny’s spiritual philosophies as he relates a life-changing experience in his younger years.

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  1. Really enjoyed listening to you talking to Danny, I feel the same, what more can I say. Another great London vibe though on Saturday and managed to have a great 10 min chat with Brian Gerrish from UK Column. Best positive was that he said to me ‘The establishment are worried’ and that gave me hope. There are still more people waking up too! Keep the vibration running high!

    Best wishes


    1. I’ve heard the notion that “the tide is turning” and that “the Establishment are worried” at many points since last Summer. On all previous occasions it seems to have fizzled out and come to nothing. More and more are of that thinking right now, though, so hopefuly this sin’t just another red herringa nd things are, finally, really on their way.

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