We’ve reached the landmark 200th episode of the series, and I wanted to line up a guest that nobody would have been expecting.

I’ve long advocated that you should never have any personal heroes or role models since they always let you down in the end. You can, however, make an exception for your own Dad – especially when he’s been as influential as mine has on me.

So, for episode 200, meet my Dad, who brings you perspectives from his 80-plus years on this earthy realm.

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  1. Lovely listening to your dad and his stories.
    Very interesting and a great speaking voice.
    I shall play this to my mum who is 85 and hasn’t succumbed the big p maxines either…she will love it❤Well done David! Bless you x
    Ps Thank you Mark for all you do🙂

  2. Thank you Mark and Dad, really enjoyed this. I grew up as a Conservative too, my Mother and Father worked so very hard as both suppliers to London restaurants with their fruit and Veg plus my Mother’s heavenly cheesecakes, salads and pies. They were small time capitalists and for a number of years, life was good through such dedication, it all fell apart when interest rates hit the roof in the 90s and sadly my Mother died from Cancer aged 53 in 1999. I tried to interest her in a a more natural route via Vitamin B17 and Latreil but she had already been gas lighted by the NHS and big pharma and this was my first journey into what might really be going on at the age of 30. Such a shame because she saw the light when I wanted to join the Brownies and she said ‘No that is indoctrinated’, also she didn’t allow me to have the Rubella Vacs because not enough info and when she was pregnant with me, thankfully waived the option of Thalidomide.

    I am convinced her health ailed through the stress of losing everything my parents had worked for but she had also suffered from short illnesses of a compromised immune system which some of us (3 children) suffer from, albeit not disastrously as we have good diet but she was once a Dental nurse and literally rolled mercury in her hand, while the Dentist stayed out of the way of course, that can’t have been good.

    She was very well read in poetry and literature. I think she would have liked your Dad and wish she had been around somewhat longer to talk about events since then which might have seen her take the same path as us.
    Always enjoy your podcasts, whoever the guest is. Take what you want from them I say. X

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