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For ravers from a certain era, Matt Nelson, or Slipmatt, is a legendary name. As one half of SL2 along partner Lime, he was responsible for creating a handful of the most iconic tunes from the early days of British rave culture – most notably ‘On A ragga Tip’ which reached number 2 in the mainstream charts in 1992.

In more recent times, however, he has become that rarest of entities – a recognisable name from the scene who has spoken out publicly about the tyrannical and dangerous road down which humanity is headed – if we continue to allow it.

Inevitably we begin this chat with a bit of DJ banter, before getting down to what it was that awakened Slipmatt to the fact that all was not well in the world. We also cover the question of just why it is that so few public names – in particular those we have been entrained to think of as “rebels” – have had anything meaningful to say at a time in human history where their input has been needed more than ever.

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