A fascinating volume to kick off 2014, as Mark Devlin chats to Kevin Annett, former Protestant clergyman in Canada, and now General Field Secretary for the International Tribunal Into Crimes Against Church and State ( 

The organisation was established to investigate the alleged abuse, torture, kidnap and ritual killing of children at the hands of the Catholic Church and the British Royal Family, and to seek to bring the perpetrators to justice. Kevin explains how the disappearance of ten Aboriginal children from a Catholic school in British Columbia following a visit by the Queen of England and Prince Philip, was a springboard to much of the ITCCS work, and how child abuse is an integral part of the Church and Royal institutions. He also suggests the real reason why Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict, resigned his post in 2013, and why The Queen cancelled a scheduled tour of Rome.

Much of the general public would be shocked by the allegations, he concedes, as there has naturally been silence from the mainstream media, but evidence and witness testimonies exist, and there is more to go on every week. Kevin explains that the Royals are just as bound by law as the rest of the public, contrary to the common notion that they are untouchable, and existing legal systems can be used to make them answer for their crimes if enough people engage themselves in the process.