Food, nutrition, and overall well-being are the subjects of this instalment, as alternative nutritionist, researcher and public speaker Magnus Mulliner guests. He begins by shattering many of the long-standing myths about what constitutes healthy food, bringing into question the commonly-held view that governments want what’s best for the public, and would never knowingly sanction foods that could be harmful to human health. The wheat types and gluten found in bread, refined sugar, salt, Aspartame, pasteurised milk and cholestorol Vs. statins all come under the spotlight.

Magnus goes on to cover other threats to human vitality and well-being, such as microwaved food, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines and electromagnetic pollution. He argues that disease (dis-ease) is the body’s own way of demonstrating that it has been mistreated, and that removing the cause of the symptoms is the only truly effective remedy. He includes some nutritional advice for those pursuing vegetarian or vegan diets.

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