The Zionist state of Israel’s genocide against the people of Palestine is the discussion subject for this edition, which sees Mark Devlin chatting in London with well-known activists and humanitarians Max Igan and Ken O’Keefe. 

Max starts off by giving his views on the latest Israeil incursion, and the awareness of the true Zionist agenda that it generated around the world. Max and Ken tunneled into Gaza from Egypt in 2012 after that year’s incursion by Israel, getting detained by Hamas when trying to leave. Max recounts what that situation was like, including enjoying tea and biscuits with his Hamas interrogators before being driven back to Cairo, all from an organisation constantly portrayed by Israel as bloodthirsty terrorists. He goes on to give his take on the recent ‘beheading’ video reportedly released by ISIS/ ISIL in Iraq, and how it ties into the globalists’ grand plan.

Ken similarly reflects on the likely legacy of the latest Israeli attacks, and goes on to recount his part in the flotilla raid of 2010, in which Israeli soldiers boarded the group of boats sailing from Cyprus to bring supplies to Gaza. The situation turned bloody and Ken personally disarmed two marines, spending time in an Israeli jail as a result. Ken backtracks to explain what caused him to leave the US military after a tour of duty in the 1991 Gulf War, his renunciation of his US citizenship, and what caused him to become a full-time activist.

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