Mark Devlin’s guest this time round is Londoner Tony Sayers, an activist, researcher, and one of the original spokespeople for the UK’s Reset project, (

Tony’s over-riding theme is that of Natural Law, often referred to by many other names, but meaning the moral code set into place by the creative force behind the universe, to which all humans are bound, whether or not they like it, realise it, or choose to accept it. It still applies either way. Tony recounts his understanding of what it would mean for human freedom if all would observe its central tenets, and the consequences involved for all when it’s ignored. 

We also get into mass mind control of the type perpetrated on the general public, and as evidenced recently by the insanity of Black Friday and before it, the Ice Bucket Challenge. We reflect on how easy it is to manipulate large groups of people into certain behaviours, and how our different our experiences would be if these were things that actually benefitted everyone, rather than appealing to selfish ego.

Other subjects discussed include the situation in Palestine, synchronistic opportunities, and a recap on the current status of the Reset.

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