Keith Twidale is the frontman of the British group Plumb Jam. He joins us to talk about setting up the group to put out his own personal brand of ‘truth’ music, and the stunning impact that a well-judged three-minute song can have in getting a message into peoples’ minds. 

Keith shares some details of his ‘awakening’ to many truths of what’s happening in the world, and the challenges that come from operating in regular walks of life with this kind of expanded viewpoint. We discuss the tribal nature of the so-called ‘truth movement’, with many allying themselves to what amount to sects, dismissing those whose viewpoints may differ in any way from theirs. Clearly, many of those who consider themselves ‘awake’ are prone to all the same primal instincts and idiosyncracies as the rest of the population. We also share some reflections on the grave disappointment that was The People’s Voice TV project, and reflect on its catastrophic failings.

Going back to the music, Keith talks about some of his influences and the cathartic process of putting his thoughts and concerns into songs.

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