Danish journalist and researcher Ole Dammegard joins us for his second GV appearance this year, with a topical overview of the recent false flag ‘terror’ events in Paris and Copenhagen. Ole has just returned from field visits to the sites of both, and shares some of his findings on elements of the official stories which – as usual – make no sense and just don’t add up.

We discuss the apparent foreshadowing of both events by a series of images that appeared in an Irish newspaper, with wording suggesting that ‘terror’ events were planned for the two cities involved, as well as in Dublin and Italy. This leads us into the whole area of Predictive Programming and the controllers’ apparent need to announce such events in advance. Ole speculates on why these operations have now become so sloppy, cursed with inaccuracies and bad actors. We reinforce the need for those with eyes to see what’s really going on with these hoaxes to continue to call them out at every opportunity. If enough of us do this, the time will come when they’ll no longer be able to pull them off. 

He concludes by reflecting on the 29th anniversary of the murder of Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, which still remains conveniently ‘unsolved.’

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