Danish engineer-turned activist, researcher and whistle-blower Frank Rasmussen joins us for this volume.  We start off discussing the programme for the Open Mind Conference happening in Copenhagen in September, of which Frank is a representative. The speaker roster includes Ken O’Keefe, upcoming Good Vibrations guest Ole Dammegard, Johan Oldenkamp, Lone Vitus, Frank himself, this podcast’s host Mark Devlin, and Judyth Vary Baker. Judyth is a particularly interesting name, having been a former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald. She will be shedding an insider’s light on the real story of the JFK assassination, as well as talking about how the contemporary epidemic of cancer was an engineered plot in line with the mass introduction of the polio vaccine.

We go on to cover Frank’s specialist subject area – the global chemtrail/ geo-engineering programme. Frank reveals some new findings regarding the likely cause of the blanket white-outs in our skies that continue to modify the weather against our will and block out sunlight. This is related to the consistency of the fuel that is now being routinely burned by commercial airliners going about their regular business, he states. This is not to say that there is not a concerted military operation with planes deliberately spraying chemical cocktails too. But if the commercial fuel issue is viewed as a pollution problem, rather than a ‘conspiracy’ as such, this offers new scope for at least this aspect of the problem to be dealt with on an official level.

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