Surely the most fascinating and enigmatic of all film-makers comes under the spotlight, as British author, researcher and movie buff Carl James guests to discuss all things Stanley Kubrick.

We consider the huge amount of symbolic clues cleverly encoded into Kubrick’s canon of work to ask what messages he was trying to convey to those who had the eyes to see beyond the surface narrative, and whether there might be more hidden secrets yet to decipher.

Carl goes into specific aspects of many of Kubrick’s key works – including ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, ‘The Shining’ and ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, examining how they seem to communicate different aspects of the ‘elite’ New World Order agenda. Kubrick himself certainly had affiliations with many key players from this world, and may well have been privy to information reserved only for a select few. There’s also the matter of his untimely death by ‘heart attack’ directly before the cinematic release of his final film.

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