To mark the 15th anniversary of one of the most life-changing events the world has ever seen, Mark Devlin is joined by British activist, researcher and conference host Ian Crane to reflect on the legacy of 9/11.

We discuss the long-term planning that would have gone into the events of that fateful day, and the agendas that it was always intended to usher in, considering some of the clues that were given in advance. The level of foreknowledge of US President George W Bush also comes in for scrutiny.

Besides the devastating legacy of 9/11 and the foreign wars it was used to justify, we also look at how the event served as the catalyst  for so many people to wake up to the truth of the power elite running the world, and ask whether the scale of this awakening may have been woefully under-estimated by the perpetrators. Ian offers a couple of anecdotes to demonstrate how reading the signs in advance of a planned ‘terror’ event, and exposing them, can actually lead to it being called off. This process offers our best hope of incapacitating the control structure. With so many vigilant people now watching their every move, the controllers would find it impossible to pull off another event of this scale without fully revealing their true nature.

This is the first of two 9/11 anniversary podcasts. The second, with guest Max Igan, will be coming soon.

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