I attended the public protest against the UK lockdowns in Hyde Park, London today to, in the words of the Human League, (an aptly-titled group for the occasion,) add my voice to the sound of the crowd.
While many will argue that protests are pointless, I disagree. They may not roll back unjust ‘laws,’ but they at least send a clear message that there are SOME of us who still value our rights and freedoms and do not consent to them being taken away, and there are SOME of us still capable of critical thought and doing our own research, and who aren’t buying the lies and propaganda peddled by the government and the mainstream media. They might have the minds and the souls of the masses, but there are SOME of us they’ll never get.

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  1. Hi again Mark! There was a gathering planned in Heath Park Cardiff, as well as a main one in Bute Park, Cardiff city centre. I went to the Heath Park one where I met a lovely family! Not very well attended, a bit bigger than 'one man and his dog' though! also one policeman on a bike was there. (I've heard no reports about the larger gathering, yet.)